Each CBD product has its own unique set of benefits. In order to choose the best one for you, you have to consider your lifestyle, your taste preferences, and what you’re hoping to achieve by taking your CBD supplement, since the delivery method of each product can actually affect the way in which the CBD takes effect in your body. Here’s a breakdown of each product and how it could benefit you. 



Ointments and balms can provide fast-acting relief to localized parts of your body, our menthol sports cream can really help reduce inflammation. That’s not to say an oral supplement won’t deliver results, but since the nutrients must first be assimilated into the body via the digestive system, you will need to supplement for a far longer period of time before you start to see results. They get to work on the affected area immediately, unhindered by the metabolism. 

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Our capsules deliver a powerful dose of CBD that offers sustained results over a prolonged period. The benefit of using capsules is that you can boost your antioxidant intake, increase your energy levels, decrease your stress levels, and achieve all-day vitality by swallowing a single capsule with a glass of water. There’s no aftertaste. There’s no mess and no fuss. Capsules can be taken in the morning or at night, depending on your reason for using them. For a great sleep, take a capsule an hour before bedtime. 

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Kalm Kandies are bursting with every beneficial compound that naturally occurs in the hemp plant, with zero THC. Gummies are perfect for those who live fast-paced lives and value a convenient pop-in-your-mouth-and-go alternative to capsules or oils. One gummy is equal to one dose. 


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Extracts and oils

CBD oil is one of the more traditional methods to take your CBD extract. here are some deliciously aromatic varieties to choose from, including strawberry, lemon, and mint. If you love the flavor of the true-blue plant, the unflavored “traditional” oil will delight your taste buds. CBD oil is perfect if you need a rapid-acting CBD release. By holding the oil in your mouth, it is absorbed directly and bypasses the digestive system making the uptake significantly quicker. This is ideal for those interested in treating medical conditions such as like epilepsy and anxiety where urgency is the top priority. 

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