The hemp plant is packed with so much goodness. There are incredible phytonutrients, like chlorophyll, alongside additional beneficial compounds (over 100). 

For those seeking a medicinal supplement to improve their well-being and manage health conditions, it might be tempting to purchase the products that have isolated some of the compounds that have had head-turning results. 

However, it is important to know that many of these compounds can only deliver their full benefits when they are used in conjunction with the other compounds in the plant. We advocate the usage of the full-spectrum hemp extract. Contrary to popular beliefIt, hemp is not psychoactive and will not make you “high”. 

Learn why we believe in enjoying the full benefits of the whole plant. 

Understanding the different spectrums

With so many terms, it can get confusing. There’s full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and hemp isolate. Full-spectrum means that the extract has been harvested and is presented for use in its whole form, meaning no elements have been removed or added. It comes to you as nature intended.

 Broad-spectrum means the extract contains the majority of its elements. 

Typically, only the psychoactive elements contained in the plant have been removed in production.Isolate means that only a single component of the hemp plant (of over 100) is still present within the supplement. Typically, isolates are highly processed and far removed from the natural product. 

Why we advocate for full-spectrum extract

We believe that the hemp plant is like a suitcase filled with goodness. There are over 100 beneficial compounds within this little green “suitcase” but many of those compounds work best when they are paired together. 

In the same way that you wouldn’t pack a beautiful shirt into your suitcase without its matching pair of pants. The way in which nature has put together this neatly packaged group of medicinal elements is its ideal form. However, we understand that many people opt for broad-spectrum because it contains no psychoactive ingredients. 

The truth is, when you use the plant in its natural form, the psychoactive compounds inside the plant equate to less than 0.03% in total. Nowhere near enough to have an effect on your state of mind. It is only when the plants  have been cultivated for the purposes of “getting high” can this be achieved, not your medicinal supplements. 

Conditions that see the best results from full-spectrum hemp extract:

  • For sleep:Full-spectrum hemp extract is the most effective variety at counteracting sleeplessness and conditions that cause insomnia; like anxiety, age and pain-related origins.
  • For Anxiety: Full-spectrum hemp extract is more effective at reducing anxiety and easing the mind of everyday stress and tension. Studies have also indicated that this remedy can assist those who suffer social anxiety too.
  • As an analgesic:Full-spectrum hemp extract assists with pain management. It’s wonderful for those suffering from chronic pain because it doesn’t come with the side effects seen with pharmaceutical pain protocols.  
  • Cancer-fighting: Full-spectrum hemp extract can also assist the body infighting cancer and managing the pain associated with this condition.  
  • Neurological disease: Broad-spectrum and hemp isolate have failed to produce head-turning results in clinical studies for neurological diseases. Full-spectrum hemp extract, however, has  proven to be a life changing remedy for conditions like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, in addition to treating those who experience  seizures. 

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