There are diets to save the world, diets to save our bodies, and diets that are easy to stick with and that offer great weight loss results. There are more eating plans out there today than there ever have been! 

While we can’t tell you which is best, we can give you a brief synopsis of the three most popular diets and how CBD complements each of them. Here they are: 

The wholefood plant-based diet

The aim of this lifestyle is to consume only plants and the motivation is primarily health-based (although some individuals may also hold an ethos or belief system alongside striving for health, that is not what the diet is about).

It’s different from veganism because those who follow this lifestyle do not consume any processed foods, including mock meats, sugar, preservatives and other vegan-friendly treats. 

Eating this way generally leads to a higher carbohydrate intake. Some choose to eat low-fat foods while others enjoy a healthy serving of plant-based fats. This diet has proven to be revolutionary in the treatment against many chronic illnesses and inflammatory conditions. 

CBD supplements and extracts go exceptionally well with this diet because you’re simply adding more power to plant protocols. More raw healthy enzymes that are unprocessed and unheated. Enhance the anti-inflammatory effects of this diet with an exceptional CBD extract. 


Whether it’s part of a step towards veganism to combat climate change or as part of your environmental activism, or simply for better health or kinder ethics, vegetarianism is a brave change. Vegetarianism is the middle way between a standard American diet and veganism. You’ll be eating plenty of fruits and vegetables alongside dairy, like milk and cheese and sometimes eggs. Vegetarianism is fairly easy to stick to and you can see an improvement in kidney function, reduced acidity build-up (and an improvement on related conditions like gout). 

A CBD supplement is compliant with a vegetarian diet, and for those who don’t love vegetables and prefer to rely on convenience foods like macaroni and cheese and two-minute noodles, a hemp supplement can add some essential nutrients to your day. A vegetarian diet may be great for the planet but it is imperative that you supplement correctly if you’re not enthusiastic about eating a range of fresh produce to get all of your essential nutrients.

The ketogenic diet

Low carbohydrate and high-fat diets have recently become all the rage. There are different ways of implementing this concept into your diet, some take the carnivore approach which means eating only meat and occasionally low-carbohydrate vegetables. The idea is that fat is a cleaner-burning fuel than carbohydrate (this hasn’t been proven) and the diet is popular because it’s easy to stick to. 

While people have reported positive results from low carbohydrate diets, the body needs plant power. A CBD  supplement can assist with supplying your body’s cells with essential phytonutrients that protect the immune system and improve your overall state of well-being. CBD extracts do not contain any carbohydrates or sugars, making them the perfect way to complement this way of eating. 

Kalmly’s touch

Kalmly’s CBD supplements are different. They’re not extracted through heat or by the use of solvents. They’re spun in a centrifuge, essentially extracting all of the plant’s phytonutrients (nutrients from plants) as nature intended them to come to us. The unprocessed nature of the plants means our extracts are ideal for optimal health benefits.