Sports injury; the dreaded phrase that has every athlete - from beginner to pro - slightly careful. There’s nothing as frustrating as a few days of forced recovery when you’re trying to condition your body and work towards your next goal.

If you have been hit with a sports injury, you might enjoy reading these 5 pro tips for faster recovery;

1. CBD extract for sports injuries and recovery

Cannabis, a highly medicinal plant, has recently received a significant spot in the media for its ability to promote faster healing following sports injuries. In fact, hemp for sports injury recovery is now one of the standard protocols used by many pro athletes and it’s only gaining popularity.

It works by combating inflammation, reducing pain, and giving the body the phytonutrients it needs to expedite cellular recovery and rejuvenation (aka “healing”). There are a number of ways to use CBD extract for sports injury recovery, as told by the pro athletes who use it.

Some apply an extract, a salve, or the oil topically to the affected area, but adding a few drops of CBD oil to your morning java will also offer healing benefits. Alternatively, munch on CBD gummies or take the capsules. For an acute and severe injury, soak in a hot bath with a bath bomb.

2. Treat sports injuries with an Active Cold Compression

Sports injury recovery is turning a corner in the world of medicine, first, we see innovations in the hemp industry, leading to new possibilities, and then we have promising new treatments like Active Cold Compression, which can speed up your recovery time by days! What is Active Cold Compression?

“Active cold compression uses a Velcro wrap with a built-in cooling element, similar in design to a blood pressure cuff. You secure the wrap around the injured area and inflate it”.

It is proven to be effective (as far as it has been tested, thus far) because it prevents fluid build-up around the injury, reducing swelling and pain and allowing for faster recovery.

3. Increase your nutrient intake for faster recovery

Don’t all healthcare professionals sound like a stuck record? Nutrient intake is crucial. We’ll say it again. But will rice and chicken give your body what it needs to rebuild the damage of an injury?

According to medical studies, the nutrients that are most important to injury recovery includevitamin A, vitamin C and zinc.

Amino acids are also important, so maintain your protein intake, but those vitamins will enable your body to recover faster following sports injuries. 

4. Immediate action determines sports injury recovery time

What you do in the first few minutes following sports injuries can determine how long your body will take to recover. Have you heard of the acronymRICE? It stands for rest, ice, compression and elevation.

It’s a great way to cut days off of your recovery time but it really requires immediate action in order to give you the best results - once the swelling sets in your can’t do much preventative care. 

5. The importance of sleep as part of recovery

Yes - we’re aware that this is something you’re used to hearing- rest is crucial. Aside from resting your injury, were you aware of theimportance of sleep for sports injuries and recovery?

It’s not only important for replenishing your energy levels and giving you mental clarity, sleep is your body’s ultimate “regenerative state”. When you’re sleeping, your body goes into hyper-rebuilding mode. If you have an injury, you NEED this. 

Sports injuries happen to everyone. The only way to ensure you are able to get back on track as fast as possible to follow the doctor’s orders and try our 5 tips, which are documented as being safe and effective in the medical literature.