Traditionally, the medical industry has only successfully treated pain using opiates, antidepressants and anticonvulsant drugs. However, these are not safe for long-term use; making it difficult to manage ongoing pain without causing a series of negative side effects and even organ damage, resulting in further pain and the need for medical treatment down the line. 

Using CBD extract offers a safe alternative. To enjoy the positive effects of this plant, it is important to know exactly how to use it. Here are 5 tips for using CBD use as an analgesic to manage chronic pain. 

  1. Use a broad spectrum of CBD extract

When it comes to pain management, you want each element in the plant to play its part in delivering the best possible pain relief. The non-psychoactive elements in the plant offer tremendous healing benefits but these benefits are amplified when you consume them as part of the whole plant.

Naturally, CBD plants contain such low quantities of psychoactive elements that they don’t have a mind-altering effect. It’s only when the plants are specifically grown with the purpose of increasing those elements, that you have a psychoactive result. 

  1. Keep your doses the same

When using opiates and other pharmaceuticals to manage pain, you have to increase your doses over time. The body builds a resistance. This can result in side effects and cause the condition’s pain levels to stop responding to the pain medication. 

CBD extract does not cause the body to build a tolerance. You can use the same dosage for years and enjoy the benefits of this form of natural pain management.  You may wish to increase your dosage based on personal pain levels experienced on a day-to-day basis.

  1. To take an oral supplement or apply topical treatment for inflammatory pain?

Inflammatory pain is typical for conditions such as arthritis as well as tension headaches; muscle spasms, and neuropathic pain. Knowing whether to use a local topical treatment or an oral supplement depends on how widespread the pain is.

If you suffer from arthritis in a single particular area, use a topical product. If your pain is widespread and you find yourself in a state of mass inflammation, an oral supplement will counteract the issues with more immediate effect  and reduce the pain naturally. 

  1. Only use organic and solvent-free CBD products

As beneficial as the natural compounds found in the CBD plant may be, they are only useful to the body if they are extracted from the plant without being modified, adulterated, or diluted with harmful chemicals.

In an industry that has yet to see proper regulation, there are many suppliers that use cheap (and detrimental) solvents to extract the beneficial compounds. These solvents remain in your product and will counteract the positive effects you are seeking.

NanoZorb is the process of extracting all of the compounds in the CBD form by eating, changing, or alternating anything with the product. It is the best innovation extraction the industry has seen. 

The future is here: Safe and effective pain management for everyone

Chronic pain is a rising epidemic, especially in those in the industrialized region of our community. The odds of developing a condition that causes chronic pain increases with age, making the elderly the most susceptible to this form of pain. In fact, around25% of senior citizens across Europe suffer from at least one condition related to musculoskeletal pain to the point of being disabled. 

Persistent pain plagues at least 50% of Australia’s senior population, while around 80% of nursing home patients suffer from chronic pain in their musculoskeletal system.

While this epidemic affects the elderly more commonly, it’s becoming more common among our younger generations too. Hemp extract is safe and effective, and many ongoing studies are proving this to be true. Could this be the future of pain relief?