Can losing weight be fun? Sounds ludicrous. Giving up your favourite treats and getting active sounds like hard work and for many of us, surviving the turbulence of 2020 was a whole achievement on its own. Can you master your weight loss goal in the year 2021? If you follow these tips, the entire process can be an empowering experience. 

You can finally enjoy your food (in abundance), feel comfortable in your clothes, and enjoy vibrant health. Doesn’t that sound like fun? You can have this without too much sacrifice and you don’t have to suffer. Here’s how:

  1. Learn how to master motivation

The key to staying motivated is simple. It means having small actionable steps that are EASY to accomplish. 

If you can commit to a few simple progress-activities every day, your brain is engaged with your weight loss goal and you’re going to feel motivated. What small actions can you take that are simple and easy? Choose to do just a few of these every day:

  • Do one minute of exercise (10 slow squats, a few jumps on the spot, or try and hold the plank position) at random times throughout the day (while watching TV or working are good choices).
  • Repeat a body-positivity affirmation to yourself for one minute
  • Use a guided app and do deep breathing exercises, we love the app Breathe
  • Eat at least one nutrient-dense meal every single day
  • Prepare a nutrient-dense recipe you’ve never tried before
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Do 30 minutes of exercise that leaves you sweating
  • Drink a smoothie with a soothing CBD extract infused
  1. Kill your unrealistic goals

Do you need to lose 30kg? That’s a big goal. So big, it’s overwhelming. Forget 30 (or whatever your number might be). The truth is that achieving weight loss according to a precise number is largely out of your control.

You can control what you do and how you eat but you can’t control how your body responds. Having a weight loss goal around a specific number on the scale is unrealistic.

Losing 30kg might take you months and you will have many setbacks that demotivate you. You can’t control what the scale says so stop making that your goal. Instead, have a small goal that you can be accountable for. 

  1. Change what you can control

Look at your lifestyle and choose 5 habits that undermine your weight loss efforts and decide to change them. Make yourself accountable for the habits you replace, this is where your power lies. Swap out your soft drink for a nutrient-dense smoothie. Decide that when you’re binge-watching your favourite Netflix series, you will do 5 minutes of exercise between episodes. 

  1. Get off the scale and track the results you can control

Count how many “progress actions” you have achieved in the space of a week and how many unhealthy habits you reduced and how well you did them. 

Keep a chart or write in your journal. If you have had a setback, if you indulged in a portion of unhealthy food or candy bar, choose to do a few extra progress activities to keep your results on track (and do it without shaming yourself).

You can have a setback and still stay empowered to achieve your goal. Weigh yourself no more than once a month to track your results. You want to move your focus away from the scales and direct your energy towards cultivating healthy habits that make you happy. 

  1. Forget calories and start tracking your nutrients

Nutrient-dense foods are the key to reducing cravings and helping your body to feel full and satisfied. Feeling excessive hunger even after eating is a sign that your body isn’t getting the nutrients it needs. Low-calorie foods that are nutrient-dense are fruits and vegetables.

If you find you’re having a difficult day and you’re not able to get your fruits and veggies in, rely on all-natural supplements. Kalmly’s CBD extract is packed with incredible phytonutrients (plant vitamins). Add a few drops to your morning coffee, to a smoothie, or straight under the tongue to help curb cravings and reduce anxiety (anxiety can also lead to unhealthy snack choices). 

Are you on track with your weight loss goals for 2021? We’re only just getting started with the year but holding yourself accountable for your habits starts right now. Connect with us on social media and let us know how you’re doing with your goals.