When the mid-afternoon slump hits and all you can hope for is a flat surface to rest against, but you settle for a cup of coffee instead. When you know you’ve had a solid 8 hours of blissful sleep but you can’t peel your eyes open in the morning. How about when someone tries to speak with you before that first cup of java in the morning? If you’re familiar with these sensations, you might be battling with low energy levels. 

Understanding low energy levels

There are many reasons for having low energy levels. It is important to have a proper diagnosis from a medical physician before you self-medicate, this can help you remedy the issue correctly. Reasons for low energy levels can include (but there are also many others);

  • Low iron levels in the body
  • High-stress levels
  • Poor sleep
  • Upper respiratory tract inflammation (which you may not even be aware of)
  • A diet lacking in nutrients
  • Mental health problems like anxiety or depression

If you have chronic low energy levels, you might be diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. This means you are constantly tired, regardless of how well you sleep, exercise, or watch your diet. 

Chronic fatigue syndrome usually follows with comorbid conditions (conditions that exist simultaneously but seemingly unrelated) like depression and anxiety. There is no “cure” as such for chronic fatigue syndrome, only lifestyle changes and medication that improve the symptoms. One treatment that has shown anecdotal promise in the treatment of low energy levels and chronic fatigue is hemp oil. Here are four ways to combat low energy levels with this powerful extract;

1. Reduce cortisol levels for restful sleep

When you are stressed out, worried, afraid, or angry - your body activates thesympathetic nervous system. This means you’re releasing adrenaline and cortisol, your heart rate increases, digestion ceases, and your brain stops its cognitive function because it believes you are in danger. It’s a useful survival strategy but it’s not so useful if you have it at bedtime. This is the physical definition of stress. If you battle to switch off at night, it’s because your body is in this state. The results? Restless sleep, insomnia, sleeping too deeply, and waking up tired. CBD extract can help your body to switch off at night, giving you a restful night’s sleep. 

2. Increase healthy appetite

It’s that old analogy again - the one where your body is the car - and your body, just like all vehicles, requires fuel in order to function. If you’re not getting in enough fuel or if the fuel you’re putting into your engine is the wrong type, you’re going to run low on energy. With the fast-paced lifestyles, most of us live these days, it’s difficult to find a healthy appetite. We over-indulge in the wrong foods or skip meals - or both! Medical-grade CBD extract can help you to break out of that stress cycle and regain ahealthy appetite and improved sleep schedule, preventing that binge-and-starve cycle. 

3. Add CBD oil to your daily routine for long term results

If you have low energy levels on an ongoing basis, you need to treat that problem on an ongoing basis. A problem like low energy isn’t something that occurs overnight, it’s an accumulation of stress, a build-up of toxins in the body, poor diet, or mental health problems like depression. You can’t take a remedy once and expect it to be resolved. Adding CBD into your lifestyle on a long term basis will yield sustained results. You have to rewrite the story that led you to this state of low energy. 

4. Use CBD extract as part of an exercise routine and healthy diet

Gentle exercise is one of the recommended treatment protocols to counteract chronic fatigue and low energy levels. Add CBD oil into that healthy routine. A few drops of CBD oil in your protein shake, or a few gummies before you exercise can help you to maximise the effects of your workout and improve your body’s response to exercise.

Improve your outlook on life and increase your energy levels

While the information suggesting that this extract can alleviate the symptoms of chronic fatigue is only anecdotal at this point, there are thousands of people who have attested to the benefits of this plant for low energy levels. We are hoping to see some clinical trials for CBD as a treatment for chronic fatigue in the future. Until then, we’re loving the positive reviews from those who have used it to improve their energy levels and gain a new lease on life.