Your hemp extract helps you to feel good. Whether it’s your gummies; your topical ointments, or your hemp extract drops that invigorate your morning coffee. How does it affect the environment around you? It turns out that your decision to use hemp is one of the most powerful ways you can play your part in powering positive change for the environment. 

    1. Using hemp extracts is better for the environment - Pharmaceutical medications like: antibiotics, antidepressants, blood thinners, heart medications, hormones, and painkillers are found in natural aquatic ecosystems. Switching to a hemp supplement is not possible for everyone. However, those that make the can switch will be helping to reduce the pharmaceutical waste in aquatic habitats.
    2. Ethical growing, harvesting and manufacturing of hemp support natural ecosystems - There are many small farms that still hold old-fashioned values, living in accordance with nature. By supporting these small farmers who grow hemp ethically, we can rebuild natural ecosystems.
    3. Processing hemp is eco-friendly - Hemp can be used in its natural state without the need for chemical processing. The less processed the plant is, the more potent its benefits.This, in turn, means that there is a smaller carbon footprint generated in the manufacturing process.
    4. Hemp supplements can foster a more considerate frame of mind - Once you discover how easy and rewarding it is to switch to hemp and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, you can progress to the next change and become more aware of the impacts your lifestyle has on the world around you. 
    5. Many brands that utilise hemp are already sustainable - Whether it’s for packaging purposes, as supplements for well-being, or alternatives for clothing and textiles, supporting brands that use hemp will power positive change. 
    6. Hemp buyers are supporting an industry that pioneers change - by buying hemp products, you are supporting the entire industry as a whole. This attracts more investors which powers the movement forward faster. 
    7. Farming hemp reduces pesticide pollution - hemp is one of the fastest-growing and most resilient plants. Almost every part of it is usable. It requires almost no pesticide use in order to gain a great harvest. 
    8. Hemp restores soil fertility - Hemp supports the delicate microbial system in the soil. These microbes make the soil fertile. Hemp also prevents erosion with its deep roots that hold the soil together. The hemp plants are tough enough to grow in almost any soil type of a wide variety of terrains requiring minimal water, making it a viable crop almost anywhere in the world. 

Kalmly is an ethical and equal-opportunities brand. We support organic farmers and have a vested interest in the well-being of the planet that sustains us, the people that help us to grow, harvest and manufacture our products, and we care about you. Our buyers. That is why our entire business structure is built around fair wages for everyone, growing principals that respect the soil, and products that are high quality.