Looking for an exciting way to enjoy your hemp supplement? Fortunately, a supplement that’s this versatile can fit into any lifestyle. The best part is that most of the exciting ways to cosume your supplement will actually complement its effects and improve its absorption. 

1. Turbo-charge your breakfast

Breakfast smoothies are one of the easiest on-the-go breakfasts. Adding your hemp to your breakfast smoothie will only improve the overall effects. The best part? You don’t have to have a sweet smoothie. 

Why it works: You can cram so many incredible nutrients into one blend. Did you know that beetroot counts as “greens”? It’s sweet without the negative effects of sugar. With compounds like resveratrol in berries (a cancer-fighting compound) and the fat from your ground-up seeds, you have a breakfast that’s filling and that improves the uptake of your hemp oil. 

How to do it: Smoothies are easy to make if you have a blender that’s designed for people on the go, like a NutriBullet. The best recipe we have found for a smoothie: A quarter of a beetroot. A handful of berries or grapes, a few spoons of nuts or seeds ground up, milk of your choice, cinnamon, banana, avocado and a few spoons of honey. Add your hemp extract at the end.

2. End your day with golden milk

Golden milk is a powerful anti-inflammatory drink you can enjoy at bedtime. Traditionally, it’s made from hot milk and turmeric. The curcumin in the turmeric is the active ingredient that gives this drink its anti-inflammatory characteristics. 

Why it works:Turmeric (or curcumin) improves the effects of hemp extract when it’s used to combat pain because both compounds have powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Inflammation is also linked to mental health struggles like depression and it can cause poor sleep. This drink can help you to wake up feeling happier after a more restful sleep. 

How to do it: Add some cinnamon to your golden milk (for taste) and a tiny touch of black pepper to improve the absorption of the curcumin. Opt for dairy-free milk if you want to really want to pack a punch to your anti-inflammatory drink. 


3. Add it to your baking

If you’re baking muffins or cakes, adding your hemp oil to the batter is one of the most enjoyable ways to enjoy its health benefits. 

Why it works: Hemp compouds bind well with fat. When you include it in your baking, mix your hemp oil with butter or oil before you mix it into your cake or muffin batter. 

How to do it: Measure your doses carefully, if you are making 6 muffins, add 6 doses of oil to your batter. Remember to eat your muffins according to your doses, while it can’t harm you even if you do over-indulge, it’s best to stick to the recommended dosage. Getting your daily dosage of hemp is a piece of cake!

4. Make a refreshing lemon ice tea

With summer upon us, it’s the perfect time to try a refreshing lemon ice tea. Lemon has a number of health benefits that complement the benefits of hemp extract. 

Why it works: Lemon, one of the most acidic fruits, has a powerful alkaline-effect on the blood. It’s also known for strengthening the immune system (with a good dose of vitamin C)  and playing a role in reducing inflammation. The dash of honey you can add to this recipe has anti-bacterial benefits to further the potentially immune-boosting effects of the hemp plant. 

How to do it:Make your lemonade ahead of time, but add your lemon-flavoured hemp oil to it when you are ready have it. Combine 1 ¼ cups of sugar with a cup of water and heat until the sugar is dissolved (replace the cane sugar with coconut sugar or honey if you want a healthier version). Chill your “syrup” and add it to 2 cups of lemon juice. Add another 7 cups of water and voila! Feeling adventurous? Add a splash of gin for a very refreshing bite.

5. Enjoy your favourite coffee (with a plant-power kick)

Do you prefer a strong cup of java in the morning to get you going, or an iced coffee during the warm summer days? Either way, it’s a great opportunity to add a few drops of hrmp oil to give your favourite beverage a health kick. 

Why it works:The soothing effects of the hemp oil can calm any caffeine-related jitters while the act of adding to your morning coffee helps you to work hemp into your daily routine. Taking hemp orally can give you a more sustained effect when compared with inhalants, which enter the body at a rapid rate but also leave the body at a rapid rate. Remember to start with a small dosage and gradually work up. 

How to do it:Simple. Just add a few drops to your coffee each morning to improve your calm and focus. Or make a delicious iced coffee by combining one cup of ice with one cup of chilled or room temperature coffee. Add milk or cream (coconut cream is fantastic if you’re looking for a vegan alternative) with your desired amount of sugar (we recommend two teaspoons). Next, add a few drops of hemp oil and enjoy!

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