Boy, oh boy, the novel Coronavirus has wreaked havoc. 

It’s not just the economy that’s taken a hit. No one is sure how to transition into the “new normal” people keep speaking of. As all of the non-essential industries slowly transition back to work, it leaves many people feeling overwhelmed. 

A lot has happened over the past few weeks. Many businesses are left on the brink of closure, meaning there have been retrenchments and the pressure to get back on track is higher than ever. 

Whatever you’re struggling with is totally valid, and we believe that hemp extract can help us to adapt to the changes the world has thrown at us.

1. CBD extract encourages a healthy sleep cycle

Sleep is essential for optimal productivity, Even if you might feel you can function well without sleep, your brain is not able to process information as effectively if you are sleep deprived. Get some good rest with hemp capsules to improve your productivity at work. Did you know there’s some really interesting literature available on hemp and its effect on sleep? 

This clinicalstudy conducted by specialists examined 103 adults and the way in which hemp affects their existing anxiety and sleep disorders. 66.7% of the participants experienced vastly improved sleep within 48 hours using a dosage of 25 mg in capsule form.

2. CBD extract improves your concentration levels

After so many weeks in isolation at home, it can be difficult to get back to office and bring your A-game. CBD extract can help you to get back into the rhythm of focusing and concentrating. How does it work? Well, it binds well with dopamine, the neurotransmitter that’s associated with concentration, memory, and alertness. 

It’s important to take it orally (don’t smoke it to improve concentration) because this form of uptake is optimal for increasing dopamine levels to the desired amount. Too much of a spike will actually hinder your concentration levels. The best form to ingest hemp for improved concentration is in oil form. It’s easier than ever with so many flavours to choose from.

3. The compounds in CBD can assist in reducing anxiety

Finding the idea of venturing outdoors and getting back to work a bit nerve-wracking? You’re not alone. Some people are nervous to come out because the virus is still around while others are finding the pressure to get back to work and perform, after no many weeks at home, to be a trigger for anxiety. Perhaps you have new stresses, given the tough economic climate that many entrepreneurs are having to try and succeed through. 

The study that examined the effect of CBD on sleep also studied its effect on those who battle with anxiety. The results were promising: 79.2% of the participants experienced a drastic drop in anxiety levels in the first month.

It’s important to remember that CBD is not a harsh medication that will bring instant relief, it works with the body to create the environment your body needs to heal itself from anxiety. Keep taking it for the best effect. Taking your daily CBD supplement is super simple thanks to these vegan gummies.

They’re delicious, free from additives, and you can control your dosage. Start with one a day and work your way up to two at a time. 

4. Arm your immune system for improved attendance

The compounds in CBD can assist in reducing inflammation in the body. When you think of your body’s immune system, think of a defence force, like the army. Your immune system sends out its soldiers (white blood cells) to counteract the effects of invaders (like viruses and bacteria).

Inflammation means the body has deployed its army to an area that might be overloaded with toxins or substances that the body is battling to eliminate. 

CBD compound reduces the need for the army to be deployed, that’s what it means when a compound has anti-inflammatory properties. That means your immune system can save its resources and energy for invaders, like germs, instead of dealing with a build-up of waste or other internally-caused inflammations. Your immune system can launch a stronger defence against the flu or any other invading viruses, keeping you healthy. Your immune system will benefit from a well-manufactured oil, capsuled, or you can try these vegan gummies.

Remember, whether you’re nervous to deal with the pressures of life again, battling to sleep, or afraid of the COVID-19 virus, your feelings are valid. Life is unexpected. Live Kalmly.