The festive season is upon us! If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the value of good health and happiness. These gifting ideas have a special emphasis on health and supporting a conscious and green lifestyle in others.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who feels vulnerable during times like these or someone who wants to live a healthier life, these are our top 4 ideas. 

  1. CBD extract health supplement is the new “bottle of wine”

We’re living in interesting times. There is a sharp rise in sobriety as the younger generation is showing less interest in drinking and more interest in making healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices. In decades past gifting someone a bottle of good wine was seen as a fairly safe gift idea if you weren’t sure what to get them.

Maybe it’s time to change that and embrace the rise of diversity and inclusion which sees a greater number of religious, health, and ethical non-drinkers. Replace the bottle of alcohol with a gorgeous gift bag of quality CBD extract products.

It’s a great healthy supplement. It’s suitable for any adult, and It’s part of the new sustainable trend. 

  1. A vegan hamper

Vegan hampers aren’t just for vegans. They’re great for anyone who wants to have a go (without committing straight away) at living a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly life.

A vegan hamper can contain a selection of dairy-free chocolate, candy, and luxurious body products like moisturiser, body butter, and bath oil. You can also look at a vegan food box subscription as a gift - like this one - from Vegancuts:

“get a monthly box of different vegan goodies delivered to your house! Not everyone can have a health food store right around the corner, which is why Vegancuts sends out hand-selected boxes of at least 10 snacks including cookies, teas, savoury treats and more.”

  1. Kitchen equipment

Having the tools to create healthy foods at home makes it far easier to stick to a lifestyle choice and maintain a healthy eating plan. A great gifting idea to show your support is a Vitamix - if you have a few hundred dollars in your budget. Cheaper ideas along the same lines might include a NutriBullet for instant and easy smoothies, an instant pot, or an air fryer. These items make it easy to create healthy meals that are as delicious as the store-bought processed versions. 

  1. An e-gift

Are your loved ones social distancing? Not sure if you will get to see your relatives far away? An EGift is the perfect way to communicate with your loved ones over this festive season.

A membership to an app or a website that enables meal-tracking provides recipes, and online health coaching is a great way to encourage someone who has expressed a desire to be healthier in the new year. A recipe book, an online health or cooking course, or a subscription to virtual yoga classes are also great gifting ideas. 

The lockdown regulations in certain areas along with the need for social distancing may see a number of people unable to spend time with their relatives. It’s a difficult time for everyone.

A Christmas over Zoom might be the best we can do in some cases. However, regardless of whether you can see your family or not, there are some truly great gifting ideas that will keep that festive spirit in the air and offer some cheer to the loved ones you can’t be with.