We all know that hemp is great for sleep, it reduces anxiety, and it can even alleviate the symptoms of depression.

There are different ways to use hemp oil, many of them are only becoming apparent now as people have incorporated this supplement into their daily regimen for other reasons.

Here are our 4 favourite ways in which hemp oil benefits people (and pets) - in unexpected ways;

1. Hemp derivatives makes it easier to quit smoking

Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances, coupled with the availability of cigarettes and the mental addiction, smoking is one of the most difficult habits to quit. Another element that adds to the addictive aspect of tobacco use is the way in which nicotine interferes with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system.

For those attempting to quit the harmful habit of cigarette smoking, hemp oil can actually assist by reducing the severity of the cravings because it fulfils that gap left by the nicotine.

In fact, according to adouble-blind medical study, those given hemp extracts as part of their quitting smoking protocol were 40% more likely to kick the habit for good. 

2. The unique hemp benefits for pets

Hemp oil for your pets? Absolutely. Pet owners often feel at a loss when they know their pet is suffering and there aren’t as many medical interventions available for animals as there are for humans.

They can’t express their pain as early as we can, by the time they show physical signs, the pain has progressed to unbearable levels. Many pet owners have resorted to giving their pets some of their own hemp oil and often, to great effect.

Many vets will remind their patrons that there isn’t much research to establish how safe this is. However, this study indicates thathemp oil benefits dogs with epilepsy, helping them to have fewer seizures. 

Hemp oil has also been reported by pet owners to assist with situational anxiety in dogs (great for use during thunderstorms), pain, and as a healing ointment applied topically.

3. How hemp benefits the skin

Popular brands like Sephora have adopted hemp derivatives as an ingredient in their skincare ranges, but that’s not because it’s a new notion. In fact, hemp extract has been used to treat skin conditions topically for decades by the traditional tribes in Pakistan.

It is especially effective for conditions like acne and eczema. Topical hemp products can also be used as part of an anti-ageing regimen, to heal cuts and burn wounds, and as an overall healing and nourishing skincare product when it is applied topically. Hemp benefits are also reported to be positive when it is used as abath ingredient

4. Introduce hemp to help Alzheimer’s patients stay comfortable and calm

When used to treat conditions like Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, hemp holds some promise. A fewstudies have indicated that it may increase the level of calm in sufferers, reducing disorientation, slightly improving facial-recognition skills and even counteracting some of the neurological defects caused by these puzzling conditions.

Taken orally twice per day (with the helpful guidance of a loved one), a plant-based supplement can reduce anxiety and promote a better overall state of mental wellness, at the very least, slowing the mental decline that goes with these complex conditions. 

With so many exciting ways to use hemp products safely, we can really start to experiment and enjoy ourselves.

Remember, only use hemp products that are manufactured in regulated environments according to strict health ad safety guidelines.

Also, remember, your supplement must contain all-natural ingredients that will benefit the body. Kalmly offers all of this.