A score helps us to gauge something - its quantity, its quality and its nature. When it comes to our health, a fitness score can seem quite scary and confrontational, especially if you know your health isn’t what it should be. What is a fitness score actually, and how can you improve it using hemp products? We have 5 simple tips that anyone can use; 

Understanding your cardio fitness score

Your cardio fitness score gives you an indication of how healthy your body is. This can help you to identify risk factors caused by excessive body weight, poor health, and declining fitness levels. Your fitness score refers to your body’s ability to use resources, such as oxygen and glucose, in response to the body’s demands. If your cardio fitness is high, it means your body is able to sustain high levels of activity without gasping for breath. How is your cardio fitness score determined? According to FitBit:“Your cardio fitness score is determined by your resting heart rate, age, gender, weight, and other personal information.”

Now, let’s look at the top 5 tips to improve your cardio fitness score;

1. Super-sets and CBD supplements

Super-sets at the gym enable you to build lean muscle without allowing your heart rate to drop. Keeping your heart rate elevated (but at a rate that still enables you to speak) will improve your overall cardio fitness score. Super setting means that between weight training sets, you’re using the jump rope or a stationary bike to keep your heart rate elevated while your muscles rest. Follow up a session like this with a soothing topical hemp cream to give your entire body the benefits of this powerful plant for recovery, or add a few drops of CBDextract to your post-meal smoothie or shake. 

2. Enjoy a more focused cardio session with CBD extract

Hemp extract reduces cortisol levels in the body. That is the stress hormone that inhibits muscle growth and can hamper your overall cardio fitness score because it can break your focus and allow anxiety to creep in. Fitness expertBrian Petit says: “I definitely get more anxious without it than I do when I use it,” he says, “which proved to me that it’s not a placebo.”Have a few CBD gummies or capsules before your workout to help you stay focused and motivated throughout your sessions and improve your cardio fitness score.  

3. CBD extract as a pre-workout supplement

As we have mentioned, CBD can help you to stay focused on your workout and reduce anxiety. It can also lower inflammation levels in the body. A broad-based CBD supplement will also offer your body the benefits of all of the cannabis plant’s phytonutrients, giving you an improved cardio fitness score over time. 

4. CBD for recovery

Rest and recovery are crucial for the improvement of your body’s performance over time. How well your body rebuilds and rejuvenates itself after each session determines your strength for the next one. This compound can help your mind to shut off, ensuring your body gets a deep sleep. Sleep is your body’s state for regeneration, it is essential. Turn off your thoughts and get 8 hours of fantastic sleep with amedical-grade CBD extract. While you’re at it, rub some topical CBD products onto your muscles for improved recovery too. 

Your cardio fitness score

The power of CBD might not directly improve your cardio fitness score, instead, it works with your body, giving it the tools and the capabilities to work harder and recover faster. Indirectly, this compound is one of the most powerful ways to maximise the results of your workout sessions.